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Jiri Rebenda

Angular Developer focused on quality

About Me

I am a freelance web developer currently focused on development of frontend apps using the Angular 2+ framework. I've also backend background as I've been working in PHP for several years. Starting from simple websites to complex solutions including the database and API design & implementation using various frameworks.

I've participated on both commercial and open-source projects. As a web developer, I have gained more than 10 years of professional experience and helped several organizations to exceed their expectations in terms of delivered software.

The purpose of this website is to briefly summarize not only contractor projects I've been working on but also to present my open source projects. I focus on code reusability and ease of use, so all packages are distributed via public repositories. Browse available packages.

Latest Projects

CORS proxy

CORS proxy

CORS proxy is a service for developers who need to bypass same-origin policy related to performing standard AJAX requests to 3rd party services.

The operation of the service has been stopped as of January, 9th, 2019.

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Packagist Feed

Packagist Feed

Simple JavaScript-driven HTML widget for displaying list of published packages as defined in packagist.org.

You can see an example usage of this widget in the bottom section of the page.

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Work Experience

Web Developer - Self-employed (May 2013 - Present)

As a contractor I help my clients to achieve their goals developing web applications. I worked as a fullstack developer with a combination of PHP+JS from 2012. Since 2017, I focus primarily on frontend development using Angular 2+ framework.

External Angular Developer COPS Financial Systems, s.r.o. (May 2021 - Jul 2022)

As an outsourced FE developer, I've designed & implemented most of the FE part for one of the applications developed by the xitee k.s. company. The cooperation was on fully remote basis.

The developement itself consisted of creation of the proof-of-concept for the new version of trading platform intented for matching the potential investors with relevant real estate developement projects.

Main technologies used in the project:

Beside developement, notable effort has been dedicated to code reviews & validating the BE API implementation which has been written in .NET and deployed to Azure.

Angular Developer - Principal engineering s.r.o. (Oct 2020 - Mar 2021)

Full-time development of FE side for internal system called People Manager. The app was written using Angular 7 framework with conjuction with old prime-ng component library. My main responsibility was to refactor legacy codebase, improve UX & fix known bugs in MVP version of the product.

Lead Frontend Developer - GoodVision s.r.o. (Aug 2017 - Jun 2020)

GoodVision is a cloud-based software for mining events from camera recordings and their presentation in a meaningful way.

My responsibility was to develop frontend application of GoodVision video insights platform. Assuring overall quality using GitLab CI pipelines, performing code reviews & discussion with rest of team especially to achieve the best possible UX. The FE team consisted of 4 people (including Junior & Senior developers).

Main technologies used in this project:

Software Engineer Jr. - CertiCon a.s. (Feb 2016 - July 2017)

Customization of PHP legacy system myperfi for managing student personal finance.

Auxiliary PHP/JS development at Passengera mainly using the Symfony framework and Sonata Admin.

Development of AngularJS GUI for administration of CertiConVis application.

Web Developer - C4P s.r.o. (May 2013 - Jan 2016)

Development of complex web-driven projects (http://www.onkoportal.cz, http://www.webakademie.cz, http://www.odbornykonzultant.cz) and mobile app development (SmartCongress). Database-related activities included both new database (re)design and also data migration tasks.

Main technologies:

  • PHP (mainly Nette Framework in conjunction with other various libraries),
  • MySQL (introduced 'common' database system design which is separated from project-specific model),
  • JavaScript (jQuery, bootstrap.js, ...),
  • HTML & CSS (including bootstrap framework),
  • C# (Windows Phone 8 application - BOD 2014, WFHSS 2014, BOD 2015),
  • Java (Android app development & customization - BOD 2015).

Information System Developer - Neomax CZ s.r.o. (Feb 2013 - Apr 2013)

Participation in development of web-based information system for ISPs called Mikrobill (startup project). Worked in small team of 3 developers in total. Development has been abandoned due to insufficient demand.

Main technologies:

  • PHP (no framework),
  • MySQL database design,
  • AJAX driven UI based mainly on jQuery UI and numerous JavaScript libraries.

Webmaster - MeDitorial s.r.o. (Jul 2012 - Jan 2013)

Mainly bug solving tasks together with implementation and customization of an internal Content Management System. Slides implementation for an online HTML & JavaScript driven e-detailing presentation system included HTML & CSS coding as well as the JavaScript usage. Creation of simple custom 'bug tracking system' which led to increased project management effectiveness.

Some of the websites which I've been working on:

Main technologies:

  • Raw PHP (no framework, usage of internal legacy coded CMS),
  • JavaScript (jQuery & jQuery based extensions including custom HTML5 presentation library ClipNote),
  • Basic Linux usage.

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